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We’ve been waiting patiently for a kick-off to this year’s On Tape sessions at the studios but it seems the nail-biting and email-checking has well been worth the obvious side-effects as we’re lucky enough to have UK rockers FOALS as the first act On Tape 2013. You heard me. WELL worth the wait.

Now here’s another thing that’s worth the wait: our selfless guestlist-giveaway to the aforementioned event. Be one of the selected few men and women to enjoy a live sample of their soon-to-be-released album Holy Fire.

It’s this simple: be a liker on facebook and shoot us a loveletter including your full name to PonyDanceClyde [at] googlemail [dot] com.

Now wipe off those tears if you’re no Berliner: and ZDFkultur will be streaming the whole thing live and afterlive.

WHERE: studios, Berlin-Weissensee
WHEN: February 1, starts 8.30pm but yo ass better be there early
WIN: Winners will be notified the day before the show, so talk to us till Wednesday, 8pm.

Once you get over that initial excitement, check out their single My Number as a little teaser/tastemaker.


When I think of Bergen, Norway i usually think of fjords, whale meat and hideous weather, but Bergen’s very own dream pop sensation Young Dreams continues to remind us that nobody can dream as passionately about summer as a Scandinavian soul longing for winter to end. Kristoffer Borgli‘s portrait of the young band manages to capture their wonderfully weird Norwegian humour including their hilarious synchro talk, and makes us want to take all of those wonderful lads out for a beer. Watch how they filled the space over the rooftops of Bergen with the tracks of their forthcoming album and a little tropical air, which almost got them into paying a 10 000 NOK fine.  Between Places is out march 4th via Modular Records.

MemoryhousePhoto @ Luca Venter

Memoryhouse have been PDC favourites ever since Lately Troisième from their 2010 EP The Years, the first release by the Ontario-based art-project turned dream-pop band that is Denise Nouvion and Evan Abeele. After a little quiet time following their 2012 full-length The Slideshow EffectMemoryhouse are back to say thankyoueveryone with a beautiful untitled new song that has bluntly been entitled Shades of our Life by the webosphere, a running train on which I’m cheekily jumping with the above title. The song  comes with a sweet DIY-feely video directed by the duo’s very own Denise Nouivon and featuring actual Ponies. Not us,the animals.

The New Jersey band Real Estate remind you of lazy days with barn fires, lightness and chillwaved guitars. And, in case you have been hiding under a rock their past 4 albums, your must know that Matt Mondanile, guitarist of Real Estate has another pretty fab band called Ducktails. With a sunny, hippie-esque feel to them. Their upcoming fourth album The Flower Lane features the Ford + Lopatin guys and Madeline Follin of Cults – just to name a couple of good ones. Get hooked whilst listing to their new single, Letter Of Intent or get lost into the nerdy greatness of that Hamilton Road vid below.
And now the best part; you can win 1 x 2 tickets to see Ducktails live at Haus Ungarn (ex HBC Berlin), Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 9, 20. February. All you have to do is a) to become a fan of PonyDanceClyde on facebook, and b) write an email to subject “Ducktails”. Deadline: February 7.

The Deluxe LP of The Flower Lane, CD and cassette are available for pre-order over at our friends of Domino Records or iTunes.


Hey ho! We are having coffees in our pyjama pants and fake fur hats, because Sundays are feel-good days. Either wobble lazily through the day with your sexy honey bum and open the the door to no one, or just look at them grey clouds go by sinking into your own rainbow-esque dreamworld. You can do that whilst listening to Toronto’s synthpop chillbabe Alt Altman aka Digits, a new tune out of the Vacationer – Good As New Remix EP or Real Estate‘s new project Ducktails. Either way, don’t let no one take away your very own slow Sunday. Amen.


If someone would ever ask me for my favourite five artists in the world, I am sure my head would explode. Bcause I just listen to so much stuff. But after that explosion, my brain would become very light and clear and I would say:  Youth Lagoon. For damn sure. So just imagine how excited I was as I heard Trevor Powers from San Diego would drop his second album Wondrous Bughouse March 05 on Fat Possum! Find the first teaser track Dropla below, get lost again in dreamy haunting voices  and hypnotic ambiance – which Youth Lagoon is best at.

Pre-order here.

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